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Aljamahiria - لا للهجمة الشرسة على العالم العربى من الغرب - Not for the fierce attack on the Arab world from the West... the devil ... and the sons of Zion    


Aljamahiria - فيلم الرسالة من إنتاج معمر القذافي - The message of the film production of Muammar Gaddafi

كيف كانت الجماهيرية الليبية وكيف أصبحت؟؟؟
ليبيا كانت: تعليم مجانى + صحة والعلاج مجانى + أقل مرتب فى ليبيا حتى للذي ليس عنده شهادة نهائياً لا يقل عن 200 دينار ليبي أي ما يعادل بالمصري 1000جنيه + الأمن والأمان فى ليبيا فى أي وقت وأي ساعه تستطيع أن تتحرك النساء و الرجال دون خوف من أي شئ+ أي ليبي يريد قرض يعطى له تسهيلات بشرط وجود ضامن + السيارات فى ليبيا تدخل من غير جمرك بل أرخص حتى من المصنع نفسه.
أي مشروع لا يلزمه الترخيص أي شخص يريد فتح محل غدائي أو محلات ملابس أو غيرها تكون بدون رخصه للمحل ولا أي إجراءات و أيضاً البضاعة من الخارج لا يدفع لها جمرك إلا إذا كانت حاويات كبيرة وبضاعة كثيرة جداً وجمركها يكون رمزي المبلغ.
فى آخر عشرة سنوات فى ليبيا كل عائلة لديها أكتر من اتنين إلى ثلاث سيارات للأب والأم والابن وحتى الابنه لدرجة أننا نعاني زحمة سير من كثرة السيارات.
ليبيا طبقتين فقط يا أخي الطبقة الغنية والطبقة المتوسطة أما الفقيرة فهي نااااادرة وحتى ان وجدت فإن هناك جمعيات مسؤلة ،،،، حتى أن هذه الطبقه لا تجد من ينام فى الشارع والكل يأكل ويتغطى.
الأرامل لها معاش و ربات البيوت لهم معاش والذي يتقاعد له مرتب يناصف مرتبه الذي كان يتقاضاه خلال عمله.
القائد معمرالقذافي قام بإنتاج فيلم الرسالة الفيلم الذي دخل الآلاف بفضله في الدين الإسلامي


"Operation Trojan Horse"

Statement by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the Occasion of Libyan National Day  (September 2010)

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Libya as you mark your National Day on September 1.  

Statement by Secretary Clinton: Libya's National Day

Office of the Secretary of State

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Libya as you mark your National Day on September 1.

Our governments have not always agreed on every issue, but our people share the dream of a safer world, a better life, and a brighter future for our children. The United States is committed to working with Libya to achieve these common goals. Although we have only recently reestablished relations between our countries, I hope these new bonds will endure well into the future. We look forward to strengthening the partnership between our governments even as we work through difficult issues, and we seek always to strengthen the friendship between our peoples.

On this occasion, we honor your history and culture, and I offer the people of Libya our warmest wishes for a happy holiday and a peaceful and prosperous year to come.

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Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey
Predictably, Turkey has reacted to the destruction of one of its aircraft with stupidity and cowardice and predictably, the western leaders have jumped at the chance to up the stakes in an internal conflict in Syria which they are aiding and abetting by providing terrorists with weaponry. Through Turkey.....

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Aljamahiria.org / صحيفة الجماهير / 2012-07-04

- U.S. forces besiege Syria on the eve of the invasion

(May/June 2012 by RT)

A former official from within the ranks of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is reporting that US and NATO forces have landed outside of Syria and are training militants to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, formerly a translator with the FBI, wrote over the weekend that American soldiers are among the NATO troops that have mysteriously and suddenly landed on the Jordanian and Syrian border. According to her, several sources internationally have confirmed the news, although the US media has been instructed to temporarily censor itself from reporting the news.

Additionally, Edmonds says that American and NATO forces are training Turkish troops as well, to possibly launch a strike from the north of Syria.

Edmonds writes that an Iraqi journalist based out of London has confirmed that US forces that vacated the Ain al-Assad Air Base in Iraq last week did in fact leave the country as part of President Obama’s drawdown of troops, but rather than return home, the soldiers were transferred into Jordan during the late hours of Thursday evening....

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Have YOU got any IDEA, where the name "Al Qaeda" was taken from?

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