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Libya News Updates - 03th May - 05th May 2012

Stephen Gule   - 04.05.3012  Partly translated from Arabic to English with Bing Transaltor

NATO rebels are beating Libyan farmers at Souq Jommaa who refuse to give the rebels money, the rebels have also came with mechanisms to tax Libyan farmers, it's in contradiction to the laws and tenets of Jamahiriyah. Libya is 70% desert, under the popular law of the masses, farmers are exempted from all forms of taxation, government must subsidize, support them in rasing more crops, animals to meet people's demand. Farmers and farms in Libya are exempted from paying taxes, instead the government provides them with free machinery, land, seeds, cash capital and mechanical componets, rats want to tax farmers, if not they are ready to kill farmers that refuse to pay. Why Libya?. Why are people degenrating down so fast?. Average vegetable vendors earn approximate USD 200 to couple thousands per day, not enough money to tax, even big commercial farms that earn thousands and millions are exempted from taxation, what is the rebels problem?.

Stephen Gule

Summary of Assad's speech 04/05/2012 / / the name of Allah the Merciful , O people of Libya great fulfillment of your will free and genuine response to your call repeated that wants to change the harsh reality experienced by our people for more than a year of sorrow and oppression and the total absence of freedom, security and democracy People in the state of the masses finally went to the Great ...

I have decided your armed forces purge Libya of every traitor Salt has the same prejudice in Libya and its people free and defiant, who has resisted all the forces of injustice and tyranny over the barbaric aggression against Libya from all Western countries that want to enslave Libya and steal their property and will be cleared of Libya from all mercenary Salt has the same desecration of the land of Libya with his feet and is the admin of colonialism and tyranny and oppression to the people of Libya and in response to the commandment of Sir Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Libyan to clear Libya of Hola Acharazm Albgat and restitution to her family and avenge Bnaúnachadae forces.

The armed people and volunteers and the sons of Libyan tribes noble crane into their own hands science splendor and prosperity and development of science Alakhaddralkhvaq and we will strike with an iron fist for both tempted to stand up to flood the green troops of the armed people and volunteers and the sons of Libyan tribes noble and Snzhv with millions to clear Libya of all the forces Alajunbahldharham to outside Libya and return defeated to Bladenhm will not be Libya.

A hotbed for these dissolute infidels and will cleanse Libya of traitors and rats in each house house house house Rue Rue individual person even cleansed the country of filth and impure can not allow Libya to be lost from our hands without any Mbrro We will liberate Libya and we will liberate (Jerusalem), the hour working hour of victory rang crawl irreversible forward revolution revolution revolution is the largest

The expert found evidence that Gaddafi gave money to the election of Sarkozy
May 4 2012, 22:09 ["Argumenty.ru" Herman Napolskikh ]

There is evidence that Muammar Gaddafi gave money to the campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy, told reporters Internet portal Mediapart Fabrice ARFI in an interview with radio station "Voice of Russia", a reference to that corresponding Argumentov.ru received an e-mail.

"It's part of democracy - to make available to the public is not always pleasant information, even during the presidential race," - said, in particular Farbis ARFI , who is also a sponsor of the investigation that the ex-leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi has allocated 50 million euros Sarkozy's election campaign in 2007.
ARFI stressed that all the evidence in this matter thoroughly checked, " The work we relied on the testimony of people involved with this case, and numerous documents. In April, we found an official paper, certified by the Libyan secret services, which we have published. We established its authenticity, and reached the first witnesses and officials. And as soon as we have seen that everything is ready, it was decided to publish the material. "

Another law announced Wednesday by the NTC-NATO placed under judicial control of all goods and money accumulated by the Gaddafi family and various personalities of his regime, according to a list of names of people and companies prepared by the National Transition Council . (**** they should also put Mustapha Abdeljalil assets which he has collected from the time of Qaddafi’s regime which is in Billions the same goes for the UN Ambassador who betrayed the Guide he has also stolen billions of $$$ he should also be put on the list, as all of them who betrayed the Guide and now are in the NTC! or don’t they count? they are now clean??????)

- Tripoli, last night in Tripoli, the Resistance fighters launched a major operation Jadida prison and were able to release 150 detainees Jamahiriya.

The rebel commander who is the director of the prison Jadida “NAEJA Mohamed Salem” was killed in this operation. It was he who tortured the chief of intelligence Bouzid Dorda and filmed the torture.

Today near Arada, two civilians were killed after shooting beasts “rebels”.

In Tripoli, always following the murder by the rebels in Libya the young Sabean in the region of the Souk Jomoa. The family and the tribe of young people took their revenge by attacking the rebels Jomoa Souk.The fighting with heavy weapons fired in the area and Tajoura Jomoa Souk. The roads leading to the latter is closed completely. An initial report suggested that the death of four rebels in Jomoa Souk.

A man was found murdered in the police building next to the prison Al Jadida.

Abstract: Since yesterday was very heavy fighting in Tripoli, especially in the district of Souk Juma. The Interior Ministry statement, only Nasser Street yesterday, the Green strength has killed 102 mercenaries of the NTC-NATO, and 10 were injured. They say they were fighting among rats, but since that time were there in a Green military, and the number of victims, I am sure that the NTC is trying to reduce the military success of the Green army, which are doing all the time. As hundreds of dead rats. Tripoli hospitals can not accommodate the lesioned rats. Now is still heavy fighting in Tripoli and Tobruk in the fighting.

JUSTICE was made...

JUSTICE was made, the Resistance fighters executed this morning the General Ashkal traitor Al Barani , a coward and traitor General that betrayed the Libyan leader and Libya.

With this major operation, the Libyan fuerzaa demonstrates its Green and warns all those who sold the defense and honor of Libya soon suffer the same fate.

General Al-Barani Ashkal was responsible for the safety of Tripoli. Battalion was responsible for “Amhamed” dedicated to protecting the Libyan leader, with 3,800 men, well trained and well armed with heavy weapons like tanks. He was a cousin of Libyan leader Kadadfa belonging to the tribe.

The traitor General Al-Barani Ashkal reached an agreement with the NTC-NATO, two months before the fall of Tripoli. On the night of August 20, 2011, asked his men to abandon their posts, keep using civilian surrender arms and go home. Betrayed the Libyan leader and letting the terrorists “rebels” Libyans and foreign mercenaries to invade Tripoli without any defense. It was through him that Tripoli was falling fast and with it the collapse of the whole political system. It is reported that he was murdered in Egypt. Video test is imminent.

UK calling their citizens back

- Britain- Libya: London calling to his countrymen to leave Libyan territory since the last events, the U.S. condemns attack on its ambassador in Tripoli. They are considering the withdrawal of the ambassador and the closure of the embassy!. The Netherlands: Announce the preparation for the withdrawal of its ambassador and the closure of the embassy after the incident of assault that occurred at its embassy in Tripoli and the European Union condemns the incident.


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