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So...another big LIE falls by the wayside, the false image of Ghaddafi the dictator who robs from his people....

Libya: Muammar Al Gaddafi: Share the oil wealth directly to all Libyan citizens!

February 16, 2009 - Aljamahiria.com

Muammar Al Gaddafi: Share the oil wealth directly to all Libyan citizens!

Muammar Al Gaddafi called for support of his proposal to dismantle oil income of the  Libyan [government] and to distribute the oil wealth directly to all citizens of Libya.

However, the plan to deliver oil revenues directly to the Libyan people met opposition by senior officials who could lose their jobs due to a parallel plan by Gaddafi to rid the state of corruption.

Some officials, including Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi, Ali Al-Mahmoudi and Farhat Omar Bin Guida, of the Central Bank, told Gaddafi that the measure could harm the country's economy in the long term due to "capital flight."

"Do not be afraid to directly redistribute the oil money and create fairer governance structures that respond to people's interests," Brother Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi said in a Popular Committee.

"The Administration has failed and the state's economy has failed. Enough is enough. The solution is for the Libyan people to directly receive oil revenues and decide what to do with them,"

The Leader said in a speech broadcast on Libyan television. To this end, the Libyan leader urged a radical reform of government bureaucracy.

Despite this, senior Libyan government officials voted to delay Gaddafi's plans.

Only 64 [ministers] from a total of 468 Popular Committee members voted for the measure. There were 251 who saw the measures as positive, but chose to delay their implementation.

Given the rejection of the Committee, Muammar Al Gaddafi affirmed before a public meeting:

"My dream during all these years was to give the power and wealth directly to the people."

* The Popular Committees are the backbone of Libya. Through them citizens are represented at the district level.

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