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Libya - Green Victory

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 The Free Officers Movement

حـركـة الضبـاط الأحـرار

The Free Officers Movement

In the name of God the Merciful

To free our people .. To our mothers and sisters .. You who have received the skin of the pride of seven months and 30 000 raid and tens of thousands of rockets and the treachery of the Atlantic .. traitors and agents

You are patient steadfast .. Alankiee pious faithful sons of Libya .. Loyal to the Covenant of my epic Strtm jihad ..
Your blood and you wrote a new page of light and fire in our history Supervisor

O descendant of the mujahideen .. Who were expelled Turks and Italians .. O descendants of the conquerors .. We received your letter and here we meet the appeal ..
And will not let you down .. and the middle of this mess .. and the blood flowing and to the immorality of political, economic, and in front of this exclusion .. For nearly half of the citizens and the displacement of one and a half .. And tens of thousands of people who suffer the worst kinds of torture .. Our comrades of family

Announce today .. Reconstruction of the Free Officers Movement

After Tnadina and Taahidna .. And swore .. That spillovers to the dignity of this nation and the honor of the military .. And expel these unclean spies who herded Libya dear to the Holocaust .. They began their doors, allowing the Crusader West and of the aloe and grown up under the banners and missiles .. To implement his plan is not to destroy the infernal system .. But to destroy the homeland

We promise you .. Trust in God and the sons of soldiers and noncommissioned officers and officers of the armed forces .. Who draw the appeal to them in this crucial hours of the edge of Tobruk, and even visitors to the commando south .. As we had the honor to drop the puppet regime in light of September and the expulsion of the rules and Italians .. We will honor us in these hours that meet the call of Libya dear
To release it from this corrupt junta client .. and will reach out to all the revolutionary forces of living .. We recall the victims who Ansaqgua behind those that enter their homes and that evil will not suffer .. and assure the international community and the Security Council that this work for Libya and its internal problems .. We will honor all treaties and international norms and abide by them

And our people will decide that satisfies their own .. The sun will rise again to everyone

Covenant will not betray .. And a promise not Nkhalafh

Mercy on the martyrs of the nation

Curse on the traitors who sold it

Glory to the masses
We have sounded the hour of work

President of the Free Officers Movement

Tripoli: Thursday 2 - August --1 433 AH


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