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Other Archivements of the Jamahiriya -  The Libyan Iron and Steel Company (LISCO)

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The Libyan Iron and Steel Company (LISCO) is one of the largest companies in Libya with an annual design capacity of 1,324,000 TONS of liquid steel adopting Direct Reduction / Electric Arc Furnace method utilizing natural gas as reductant of high quality pellets to produce Sponge Iron and Hot Briquetted Iron.

LISCO is located near the coastal city of Misurata, (About 210 km East of Tripoli) on an area of 1,200 hectares.

LISCO Plants consists of a Direct Reduction Plant, two Steel Melt Shops, a three-line Bar and Rod Mill, a Light and Medium Section Mill, a Hot Strip Mill and a Cold Strip Mill with a Galvanizing Line and a Coating Line.

LISCO is one of the largest Iron and Steel making companies in North Africa, and is one of the leading Companies in The Libyan industry Sector to implement The Total Quality Management System according to ISO 9001/2000 standard . Lisco has also put a strong and well controlled follow-up program to insure continual and effective implementation of the system throughout all the concerned divisions of the company.

The Products of LISCO are as follows:

Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI):
HBI is one of the main products.
It is produced from the finest blend of Iron are lumps the Midrex process.

Billets and Blooms and Slabs:
Billets , Blooms and Slabs are produced in the two steel melt shops by EAF.
Continuous Casting route, and they are the raw material for producing Bars, Rods, Sections and Hot Rolled Coils respectively.

Bar and Rods:
Bar and rod Mills produce round Bars with diameters between 12 and 40 mm, and Rods with diameters between 5.5 and 12mm, and square Bars with diameters 10,12 and 14mm, with different steel grades varying in chemical composition and end uses.
Light and Medium Section
Light and Medium section mill produces different types of sections such as angles, channels ,I beams and flat bars.

Hot Rolled Coils and Sheets:
The Hot Rolled Coils are produced in the Hot Strip Mill.
The products are Hot Rolled Coils, Pickled Coils and Hot Rolled Sheets.

Cold Rolled Coils and Sheets:
The Cold Rolled Coils are produced in the Cold Rolling Mill.
The products are un angled Cold Rolled Coils, cold Rolled slit coils and cold rolled sheets.

Galvanized Coils Sheets:
Galvanized coils are produced in the Hot Dip Galvanizing line.
The products are Galvanized Coils and Galvanized Sheets.

Coated Coils and Sheets :
Coated coils are produced in the continuous coating line.
The main products are coated coils (Galvanized & Non Galvanized ) and coated sheets (Galvanized & non - Galvanized). 

Port and Pellet Stock Yard .

The LISCO port is designed to receive 2,000,000 tons of raw material annually which will be transported via belt-conveyors to the pellet stock yard. It has an average depth of 3.15 meters and it can accommodate cargo ships of up to 900,000 tons capacity.
The pellet stock yard has a capacity of 550,000 tons and it contains two reclaimers for receiving and storing of pellets .

Power and Desalination plant.

The power and Desalination plant is composed of six steam turbine generators each with a capacity of 85 MW, to cope with the high demand for electric power for the arc furnaces in the steel melt shops and three desalination units with a daily capacity of 10,500 cubic meters to supply the various units of the complex with desalinated water For production , operations and equipment cooling.
Limestone and dolomite quarries at Sedada and calcining plant:
Sedada is located about 100 km east of Misurata, and its limestone and dolomite quarries supply the complex with 162,000 tons of limestone and 33,000 tons of dolomite annually.
The quarries contain crashing equipment and other service facilities such as workshops, power station, first aid station and the township.

The Calcining plant is designed to produce 66,000 tons annually of burnt lime and 22,750 tons annually of dolomite.
The plant contains two vertical furnaces for producing burnt lime, one rotary kiln to produce burnt dolomite, and a unit for storing cleaning and handing of raw materials and products.

The Oxygen and Compressed Air plant :
The oxygen and Compressed Air plant is composed of three units, one for producing 2000 normal cubic meters per hour of Oxygen, the other for producing 16,000 normal cubic meters per hour of compressed air, and the third for producing 2000 normal cubic meters per hour of Nitrogen.

Central Workshop :
The central Workshop is divided into three sections:
Mechanical: Maintenance Workshop which is designed for disassembly and maintenance operations of all the equipments in the Complex.
It is supplied with all kinds of turning , milling, drilling and grinding machines to be used in supplying the Complex with locally manufactured spare parts.
Electrical: Maintenance Workshop which is designed for general and preventive maintenance operations for all electrical equipments in the Complex It is supplied with equipment for winding transformers, motors etc.
A mobile equipment workshop for the maintenance of trucks, buses, cranes etc.

Quality Control Laboratories :
The area laboratories in the production facilities and central laboratory for the Complex and they all conduct quality control tests on the products in different stages, These tests include mechanical, metallurgical and other tests.
Other tests are conducted on refractory used in steel shops and reheating furnaces.
Special tests for surface and internal defects are also conducted beside ultra-sonic tests for defects in the final products.


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