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صحيفة الجماهير /  Aljamahiria.org :::  The racist Britain: "From the homosexualty of the royal palace and government departments to the prostitution of the press".


Sunday Times and the Sunday Telegraph both published in their issues of 12.09.99 two articles on the
African extraodinary summit held in Sirte on 8th - 9th of al Fateh and the large number of African presidents and kings who attended the grand celebrations of the Libyan people on the 30th anniversary of the great al Fateh revolution.
Even though the two articles were published in two separate papers by two different authors they have one thing in commom; language that is characterised by hatred and racism towards the great al Fateh revolution and its leader, colonel Muammar al Qathafi, as well as for African presidents and towards Africans in general.

It is a mean language submerged in ludicriousness and the absence of any moral norms on the part of those who wrote it. It is disgusting language that exposes the community of sleaze and nastiness disguised by the matra of civilisation propagated by the western propaganda machine to promote rotton capitalist propaganda through its offshoots in the British papers.

What civility could a state like Britain claim when this is the language of its elite, the language of the British information media which insults and abuses African presidents just because of their racist and hateful mentality which persists in insulting those presidents who are the symbols of sovereignty in their countries. Such foul language is only heard in British brothels, inner cities and bars.

It appears that these brothels and bars have the same standards of the English press and the same culture, language, ludicrousness and bizreness.
What civility makes the British press describe a country like Niger as having no morals or civilisation. Is this the manner of the British state in dealing with states and heads of states & ldots; is it possible that the British press and Britain itself has slid down to such meaness, ludicrousness and immorality & ldots;

This manner reveals as well a very clearfact that any logic of yesoning is lost and the evidenieis indulgence in abusing others with fabricated and fradulent claims. It is an expression of bankruptcy and despair in view of the futility of western media campaigns based on deception and misinformation, lies and fraudulence.

It is a manner that reflects the infected atmosphere in which Britain lives from the bottom to the top, from the brothels in the streets, to the brothels inside the palaces and government departments. It is the atmosphere where the promiscious relationships took place between British ministers and the secretaries and even before that the known relation between Elizabeth and king Faisal 11 in Iraq.


And even worse the homosexual relations within the ranks of British officials. The peak of such immorality and lack of conscience is apparent in that scandal admitted by British services themselves when they discovered a network of some British officials in the police, government departments and English parties which indulge in immoral practices and abuse children and minors, particularly inside the British social care institutions over the last twenty years.
It is an atmosphere that stinks with sleaze, rottenenss, immorality, homosexuality and criminality, such as the crime of killing princess Dianna and her friend, Dodi al Fayed & ldots;

Could such an atmosphere produce a language of co-operation, understanding and peace. Is this really the British manner in dealing with other nations, states, and their heads. Instead of Britain attonement of its guilt towards other nations being insulted nowadays by its press and described with obscene language after having colonised these countries for almost 100 years it would have been much better for Britain to extend the hand of co-operation and assist these countries to develop, which is the least it could do to atone for its guilt.

Such obscene language emanating from Britain today makes us wonder whether the Arabes, the Indians and many other nations did not have the right to fight Britain and enshrine major sacred epics in countering the loathsome, racist, colonialist policies. Undoubtedly this stench coming out of the British press is the result of the accumulation of the heritage of corruption in the British palaces and government ministeries reflects the genuine face of cover which conceals a backwardly mentality that persists in racism.


First published by: .libyanet.net and Emintujun - 1999

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