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صحيفة الجماهير /  Aljamahiria.org ::: Aljamahiria -Libya in chaos, with the new Premier - Mathaba News - 4.5.2014


Libya in chaos, with Maiteeq as the new Premier... 

Chaos for the appointment of the new prime minister of the Libyan government.. , CNG has the candidate sponsored by the Islamists .

Another chaotic day in a Libya, occupied by colonial forces .

After a vote to put it mildly grotesque CNG , illegitimate Libyan parliament , elected Maiteeq Ahmed , a businessman sponsored by the Islamists , Premier of Libya.

Maiteeq now has 15 days to try to create a new government of occupation.

The election has been nothing short of illegal because it has a first threshold needed to be elected by 120 votes has not been reached, but Maiteeq was also nominated and won the seat but dissolved soon after, when someone is realized the " gaffe " , it is provided for a new vote in which the candidate would reach 121 votes.

A speaker of GNC said the vote was illegal but nonetheless Maiteeq instructed to begin consultations to form a new government.

The political climate is a hot and chaotic situation in the country will certainly have serious repercussions in the coming days .

There is not anything more "too outrageous to be true" in the fast moving Libyan today ...

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